Telecommunications (TELECOM)

The TELECOM market has benefited from advent of fiber optic cable and the change in the industry has been dramatic.  Four Star Industries products provide a pathway for and protection of fiber optic cables during installation.

Telecom products offered are as follows:

  • Sizes ½” through 6” on reels or coils
  • Smooth wall or longitudinal ribbed duct empty, empty with a pre-installed member (tape or rope) are variations offered to meet the customer requirements
  • Tools and accessories
  • Various wall thicknesses to meet customer specifications in SDR 9, 11, 13.5 & 15.5
  • For identification, solid colors, stripes and co-extruded products are offered
  • Duct is sequentially marked

Four Star Industries is seeking a RUS/USDA listing and will meet all ASTM specifications for SDR, SIDR and NEMA rated duct. Four Star Industries HDPE will be available for UL listed UL 652-B which is ideal for the protection of cables and wires.